Your personal, custom, buttercream cake shop

We Bake with Love

We Bake with Love

About Us

The Cake Lady Café is a custom buttercream cake shop.  We pride ourselves on our family-friendly atmosphere, affordable pricing and our fresh, quality ingredients. Our buttercream is Charlene's trademark recipe, made from scratch daily. Customers can walk in and select from a wide variety of freshly made cupcakes.  We also have a limited amount of ready-to-go cakes that sell out fast. But the heart of our business can be found in our custom, personalized cake orders. We have a talented staff eager to help you design the cake of your dreams for any occasion.

About The Cake Lady


Charlene began her cake decorating over 30 years ago. After leaving a local bakery over creative differences she decided to continue her passion by putting a commercial kitchen in her home... Thus began The Cake Lady. Once she established enough steady clientele, Charlene was able to open a store front on Williams Street. The business eventually became too large for the small location. Charlene opened the current location on Frontage Road in 2003, where business has been continuously growing. 

Delicious & Beautifully Stunning


 We take great pleasure in showcasing our unique style and customizing each order to the individual customer. From delicious dessert cakes, to elegant, tiered cakes; from sculpted masterpieces, to sheet cakes with hand-drawn works-of-art. We do it all here at The Cake Lady. Call or come in today to customize your order.